Riello Burners

The Italian brand Riello exists since the early twenties. The first burner Riello designed was a burner for a bakers oven. In recent decades Riello improved their products and technological innovation. It is therefore not surprising that ITT Controls recommends and sells products and components of Riello .
The focus of Riello technologies at this moment are combustion, condensing and renewable energy products. In its own research center Riello develops and tests their boilers, generators and furnaces. The environment is also a very important issue for ITT Controls. In recent years Riello has improved their knowledge in renewable energy such as solar energy.
It is not strange that Riello also a well-known brand in the petrochemical and process industries. Heat pumps, wall-hung boilers, condensing boilers floor, boilers, burners and control systems are in the productrange of Riello.
Riello delivers low emission oil burners, gas burners, dual block burners and mixed systems. The products and components of Riello which are also available via ITT Controls consists mainly of aluminum, have extremely high performance and have a soundproof burner hood. The flow techniques make these burners suitable for difficult installation applications.
ITT Controls also supplies heat pumps, groundwater pumps, gas meters, gas regulators, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, control valves, globe valves, open-close ball valves, butterfly valves, valves with rotary actuators, pressure independent ball valves, manual valves and filters, pressure switches, combination controls, electronic flame detection and control , Pilot burners and burners, further inflammation and control devices, thermoelectric safety, heating controllers comfort controls and measuring and testing equipment and virtually any product that is found in the oil and gas industry.
At ITT Controls there is always a product or part of Riello that is suitable for your application in the oil and gas industry. Please consult our sales department for the right product. For questions contact our sales department at
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